3t exploro cyclocross 2020

The world’s first aero road bike optimized for wider tires and a 1x drivetrain. “Get used to the idea of a single chainring on a race bike. Just last week, we released news on 3T’s new versatile Exploro bike.With its “SQAERO” aero tubeshapes, RealFast trademark and aerodynamic gravel bike positioning, the bike was polarizing on social media, largely due to some readers’ backlash on what was perceived to be a contrived invention of a new bike category and label.We’ll be the first to admit that was a few of our initial. The 3T Exploro can handle much more than riding on everyday roads. The wide tyres allow you to take yourself to the next level with plenty of comfort on any type of surface. 3T have created a complete bicycle option for the Exploro range of Gravel, Road, Anywhere Bike with the all-new 3T Exploro. 3T Gerard Vrooman and the good folks at 3T have not set out to shake up the bike world just for the fun of it. They had a vision and an idea about how to fix a lot of the everyday, real ride issues we all face.

At ‘only’ £300 the excellent 3T Superghiaia bars continue the ‘light but very expensive’ theme. The SRAM Force 1x groupset is the final bit of bling for this build. Maybe to try and stop the Exploro floating away, it comes with a set of aluminium 3T Discus wheels and a Brooks Cambium saddle. Aside from the name, we took interest in this bike — probably also why most of you clicked on this review — because the 3T Exploro looks like a high end road bike with beefy tires. 3T calls it the GravelPlus standard, which simply means that the Exploro was designed to accommodate hefty 700c road and cyclocross tires, as well as voluminous. 23/10/37 · 3T Exploro. 3T uses a technology they call “Sqaero” which refers to the squared-off aero shapes of the frames tubes, primarily the downtube which is 50mm wide and is designed to pick up the air flow coming off a wider cross or mountain bike tire and lead the air on to the water bottles. 3T3T Strada 3T Exploro Fietsmijn 3T Racefiets Gravel MTB Fiets Gravelbike Sram Shimano Campagnolo Ultegra Aero Aerobike Cyclocross 3T Parijs-Nice RVV LBL Parijs. 3T Exploro Team Black 4-in-1 fiets Gravel - Race - MTB - Cyclocross. Vorige Artikel 8 van 16 Volgende. € 4.200, 00 inclusief 21% btw Maat. For the ultimate aero performance & low weight, upgrade the Exploro Speed to the 3T Torno crank with super-thin crank arms and a one-piece full-carbon crank-spider-axle design. For all frame details or if you prefer the Exploro with an allroad/gravel parts kit, please check out the main Exploro page.

Présenté comme le premier vélo Gravel aéro le concept peut faire sourire au premier abord – voir 3T sort un vélo Gravel ! – le 3T Exploro est bien plus que cela encore. Selon le type de pneumatiques que l’on monte, il est aussi à l’aise sur route, en cyclo-cross, que. 26/05/41 · In an appeal, Avon and Somerset Police said: "The bike taken is a custom-built lightweight racing cycle – a 3T Exploro XL frame size. It is a black frame with a grey 3T logo on the seat tube, two bottle cages and a tool kit fitted to one of the main tubes.

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